Obtaining Electrical Certifications and Training

Electricians are highly sought-after trades positions. There are many reasons why a person or business would hire an electrician. On new build sites the general contractor hires electricians to perform all electrical work on new houses. This would include wiring, installation of light sockets, lights, jetted tubs, large appliances and garage door wiring. Electricians also work closely with plumbers and HVAC workers to ensure all electrical is up to code and able to function appropriately. Businesses also seek electricians for the same reasons but typically to keep the computer rooms and IT departments adequately supplied for their technology.

If you are seeking electrician certification chicago il and other major cities all have technical schools that can provide you with the appropriate training to obtain your certification. It is estimated that electrical careers and electrical training will increase drastically by the year 2020. This estimated expansion is due to the creation of smart homes and technology driven homes. These devices require more wiring and upgraded electrical panels to work appropriately. Many homeowners are turning to smart thermostats, smart lighting, smart doorbells and monitoring systems.

When you begin taking an electrical certification program there is a basic guideline that most schools will follow. You will complete a wide variety of classes. One class will go over technical safety. This course will introduce you to NFPA and OSHA. NFPA is the National Fire Prevention Association. This course goes over work safety and an introduction to electrical safety and fire protection. Those who will be seeking employment within the construction industry will greatly benefit from this class. Fundamentals of Electricity and Construction is another course that students will participate in. This course teaches basic house wiring and splicing techniques. Conduit Bending explains the bending of conduit in construction sites and methods of installation in both residential and commercial properties. Technical Math will teach students problem solving and code calculations.

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Advanced Electricity and Construction teaches three power phases for construction sites. Programmable Controls training will introduce students to Allen-Bradley systems. Blue Print Reading is exactly as it is called. This course will teach students how to thoroughly read and understand construction blue prints. Students will understand both Chicago Electrical Code and National Electrical Code if they are enrolled in classes within Chicago Illinois. Electrical Coding classes will teach students how to code and read code in National Electrical Code and Chicago Electrical Code. Electrical Estimating will benefit students who want to be their own boss. This class will teach students how to estimate the cost of a job and how to figure out what parts and labor will cost when quoting for work to be performed. Career Readiness is the last course for the electrical certification course. This will teach students how to be ready to start a job and present themselves to future potential employers.

When you decide to enroll in electrical school be sure you fully understand the class load and cost prior to enrolling. Be prepared to go over financing and student aid with a student enrollment specialist. Once you complete your training and obtain your certificate you can begin working as an electrician.